A design treatment system that combines system treatment and perm menu items

Have you experienced bad hair day like frizzy and over volume condition? Be it chemical service damaged or natural wavy condition?

TOKIO DESIGN INKARAMI solution can be use on pre-lightened (bleached) and damaged hair. Highly damaged hair tends to repel water and lost it ability to retain moisture ,to deal with this problem Japanese chemists took several years to come up with revolutionary solution that is safe to use even on bleached hair with the incorporated patented INKARAMI technology to create TOKIO DESIGN INKARAMI (SINKA FRIZZ CONTROL) salon menu.

TOKIO DESIGN INKARAMI is a unique service to tame wavy , frizzy and excessive volume hair gently without the use of ALKALI agent. It uses the technology CYSTEAMINE in D1s with keratin Gemini type amino acid and Fullerene these ingredients incorporated with the patented technology INKARAMI function as a deep layer repair system., D3c sodium bromate uses hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed silk protein ,cross polymer and 18-MEA / Japan plant extracted ingredients functioned with INKARAMI technology to enhance the shine and softness of your hair and to achieve a smoothing result.

This service is recommended to people with frizzy condition , rough hair condition and desire to reduce hair volume without getting into a straight perm service (rebonding).

Unlike conventional keratin treatment only coats your hair with silicone to cover the flaws of your hair, TOKIO DESIGN INKARAMI repairs your hair from the inner hair cortex to the outer layer hair cuticle it preps & condition your hair for the next color or perm services.

Where can i get it done?

TOKIO DESIGN INKARAMI is available at selected salons. We also ensure all salons carrying our treatment have undergone detailed training sessions to ensure your hair gets the best of the best.