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What Our Customers Say About Us

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  • Felicia Lee
    My hair is hard & thick . Of course I love to do different colouring and styling on my hair, so quite damage. I did my sinkafrizzcontrol in August and for almost two months I didn’t need to wake up early and straighten my hair, my hair is so “obedient”. Well, I Also brought back a set of shampoo . Treatment to be continued at home! Can’t wait to try their other products .
    Felicia Lee
  •  Caffron Lee
    Tokio inkarami Sinka products are super high quality. And it’s time efficient for me cause I did tokio treatment waves (treatment + perm at the same time) and it only took me 3 hours! The after results were amazing, I’ve never felt my hair this smooth before.
    Caffron Lee
  • Vicky Chang
    Thanks Tokio Inkarami awesome product to let me have a great experience, all the product after use for hair perm make my hair seem moisturize and curl nicely. Strong recommend. And thanks Yonnah and great hairstylist.
    Vicky Chang
  • Chloe Eyo
    First try perm treatment by using Tokio INKARAMI’s product, my hair look nice and smooth, I like it so much
    Chloe Eyo
  • Daviv Goh
    Good products all the way from Japan. Great to meet the Great and friendly team from Tokio Inkarami Malaysia. Cheers
    Daviv Goh
  • Jennifer Tan
    I was done this hair perm on april by product TOKIO INKARAMI. After perm treatment,my hair shinny and smooth.. After 6 month my hair still curl was easy to take care,just use the hair dyer dry up will do will advice to my friends to using this product for the perm and etc....
    Jennifer Tan
  • Kimberly Soong
    I feel amazing after my hair is done with anti frizzing treatment, the result was great! Yonnah was friendly and professional. I definitely recommend 100% on their services and products 🙂
    Kimberly Soong
  • Chai Swee Yen
    Tokio Inkarami Sinka Perm is amazing!!! After doing perming my hair condition still feels soft and smooth! And I luv it Tokio Inkarami home care a lot. It was giving me a hair treatment results when I used at home! Especially Tokio IE air spray... they come with a Heat resistant. So after using I can feel my hair more smoother and shine and lighter! I’ll say this is a most wonderful hair care for me 🙂
    Chai Swee Yen
  • Phang Edxon
    It is a specialty’s hair care product and the only one that can costomize to your best care. 100%
    Phang Edxon